BIStrainer Learning Management System

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Many challenges businesses face are caused by ineffective and infrequent training. BIStrainer can change that. Through asynchronous training, our system can deliver thousands of courses to thousands of employees for a fraction of the cost of conventional training. This is done while gathering real-time learner feedback and results for each course.

BIStrainer is an intuitive, cost-effective, and robust tool for delivering courses and measuring the impact of eLearning in your organization. To learn more about the powerful features of BIStrainer, click one of the features listed below or contact us now for more information.

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Corporate Clients

Asynchronous Training
Online learning can change the way your organization shares knowledge with your employees. It could become a competitive advantage for your organization.                    

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Individual Learners

Free online learning!
We offer courses on time management, leadership vision, goal setting and sales skills. Simply sign up to begin!

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Online Safety Training
Is your organization interested in selling safety courses online? Our system can help. It's easy, it's inexpensive, and it's branded to look like and integrate with your company's website.

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