BIStrainer LMS Reporting and Analytics

Measure the Impact of Your eLearning Solutions

Implementing an eLearning solution in your organization only makes sense if you can measure the results. Our LMS features robust real-time and on-demand reporting functionality so that you can see the impact eLearning is having on your organization every day.

  • Real-time reporting - Our system displays reporting results containing valuable information including course completion results, average test scores, and average completion times by company, division, region, or location. Results can also be displayed for individual learners that include a list of courses they have completed, their test scores, the amount of time taken to complete each course, the date of completion, and more.
  • Automatic notifications - Our system can automatically send an email to you to notify you each time a course is completed. The notification will include the name of the learner, the course title, the learner's location, the score they received, the date the course was completed, and their feedback on the course.
  • Detailed course completion information - Our system allows you to drill down into the reporting results to view the particular reponses learners provided for each course test question. This information allows you to quickly determine which individuals require additional training and on which topics.


Corporate Clients

Asynchronous Training
Online learning can change the way your organization shares knowledge with your employees. It could become a competitive advantage for your organization.                    

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Individual Learners

Free online learning!
We offer courses on time management, leadership vision, goal setting and sales skills. Simply sign up to begin!

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Online Safety Training
Is your organization interested in selling safety courses online? Our system can help. It's easy, it's inexpensive, and it's branded to look like and integrate with your company's website.

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