Learn What Our Customers Have To Say About BIStrainer LMS

Over the years we have received feedback from thousands of learners who have taken courses using our Learning Management System. When asked the question "How can we improve our eTraining?", learners responded with the following.


The Cash Store College is making a real difference for
our company.

Michael Thompson Senior Vice President and Corporate Secretary


Your eLearning modules are the best I have seen.


I think this is a great way of training and keeping us informed about our products.


This is a great tool for easy learning. Easy to use and understand. I like that you can pause the training to deal with clients in the store.


I really enjoyed the presentation from the host because it felt as if she was actually here in person interacting with me.


This module was good. It wasn't too long and I could do it at my own pace.


I think your e-training modules are just fine. They are easy to follow and cover all the important points without excess information and talk.


I feel this is a great way to learn about products and should be used whenever possible.


I think this is a great training resource for people who are having a hard time grasping concepts.


This is a very effective way to learn. There is nothing I would suggest that you change.


After finishing the product knowledge module, I felt more confident selling.


I enjoyed how everything was setup. It was easy to follow and understand.


Very well done. All of our training should be done like this!


This was my first training session. FANTASTIC!


I felt this training module was much more informative than the previous training.


Nothing needs improving. Everything was great and the intro video did a great job of explaining how to use the site.


I think your e-training modules are very well done. The timing of speech is easy to follow and I remember the information.


I think all training would benefit from e-Training. I found this module very informative.



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