BIStrainer eLearning Course Delivery

Provide Access to Valuable Training Information 24/7

BIStrainer was designed to deliver engaging, multimedia based eLearning courses the way an LMS should - quickly, intuitively, and cost-effectively.

  • Easy to use interface - The dashboard offers a quick look at all courses available to learners. From the dashboard learners can see at-a-glance which courses have just been added, which courses they have previously started, which courses they have already completed, and their test results.
  • Full Screen Viewing - BIStrainer offers the ability to view courses full screen, so you can maximize your learning experience.
  • Course Notes - Want to remember something for later? We offer course notes for our courses so learners can jot down important points, and have something to review after they pass the test.
  • Interactivity - We can create interactive elements so that users are able to participate actively in their learning experince. This increases retention greatly, and keeps them focused on the task at hand!
  • Take a course anytime, anywhere - With the BIStrainer LMS, it's all online! You can take a course anywhere you have broadband internet access, and at any time! No more scheduling of meetings, or costly flights!


Corporate Clients

Asynchronous Training
Online learning can change the way your organization shares knowledge with your employees. It could become a competitive advantage for your organization.                    

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Individual Learners

Free online learning!
We offer courses on time management, leadership vision, goal setting and sales skills. Simply sign up to begin!

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Online Safety Training
Is your organization interested in selling safety courses online? Our system can help. It's easy, it's inexpensive, and it's branded to look like and integrate with your company's website.

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